Quit Tobacco: Cigarettes Rx

The 'Cigarettes Rx' public service announcements are part of the 'Quit Tobacco' educational campaign for the U.S. military, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense.  The goal was to make this PSA look and feel like a legitimate Pharmaceutical TV spot down the “happy shiny people”.  I created all the 3D, compositing, text and logo designs.

Easier Than You Think: Vocational Training

The Post 9/11 GI Bill provides financial support for vocational/technical training, housing allowance, transfer of benefits and more.  The background, floor, podiums and game show elements are all computer generated by me, the only thing real are the actors and their appropriately cheesy acting!

Easier Than You Think: Housing Allowance

Easier Than You Think: Books & Supplies

Easier Than You Think: Transfer of Benefits

These Energy Drink PSAs were challenging in that I had to design a convincing faux Energy drink brand and label, make props for the shoot and then recreate that exact can in 3D using Cinema 4D, then animate and composite it into the Red One footage.

Quit Tobacco: The Cost of Smoking

Energy Drinks PSA: The Gym

Energy Drinks PSA: Teens

The graphic elements in these spots were generated in After Effects built using AE solids only as I wanted to be able to tweak and render quickly as I tried to match the 3D lighting to the environmental lighting.  Motion tracking was of limited use so I was forced to eyeball and match the 3D rotations to the respective actors as best I could, it worked out great despite my best efforts.

Personal Information: Physical Data

Personal Information: Digital Data

This is a mix of vector 2D in 3D space and actual 3D generated by Element 3D and Cinema 4D, I enjoyed this spot immensely as it was left up to my design sensibilities to design and animate the characters, environments and action. I was influenced at the time by the quirky and cute characters in the “Dumb Ways to Die” mobile game.

Sir Whistleblower

I always wanted to design and animate my own take on Kinetic Type, as usual my Illustrative side gets the best of me!

Here is something different, a palate cleanser if you will....I do a fair amount of work for an Ad Sales client, I came up with the concept as I was thinking it would be cool if the rapper had to dodge the blades as Machete went about his grim work.  Since it’s a Grind House Film, gotta add the requisite scratches and film effects for authenticity, right? I did all the Art direction, design and composting in this spot in 3 days!

Machete Kills Promo

This is a template/doughnut I created for the other producers.  I designed it using Cinema 4D, After Effects and Element 3D. It is easily changed by just swapping out the pictures and voice over and yes I pre-produced all of the state graphics for the end tag (all fifty of them.)

Mission America: Louisiana

Quit Tobacco: The Cost of Dipping

Your Benefits: Disabled Veterans

This is a template I designed in Cinema 4D and After Effects, it is modular with many elements that can be mixed and matched according to subject matter.

Mission America: Kentucky

This is one in a series of PSAs honoring Medal of Honor recipients both past and present.  I took my design cues from the Medal of Honor’s ribbon as that was the unifying element from all the Medals of Honor from the various branches of the military.

Medal of Honor: Captain William D. Swenson

Home Depot

This is the usual “Here is a script, voice over and two choices of music, good luck, oh, and we need it by Thursday...but it’s Monday evening!”  I always make it work somehow.

BET International wanted a show package for their coverage of the red carpet at the BET Awards show.  I was provided a logo and four days to complete it.  I decided I couldn’t miss if I literally designed a red carpet scene compete with high fashion, paparazzi and velvet ropes.  The challenge was integrating the logo and it’s high heel shoe elements into the scene in a way that made sense so I used a stylized organic version of a red carpet to tie all the elements together.  Did I mention that all I received was a logo?

Mad Swagg


This is an explanatory web video for Dibili.ca, a first of it’s kind bidding site.  While working for HiPro Productions, I designed the Jack and Jill characters in Adobe Illustrator, built the condo in Cinema 4D and animated everything in After Effects. It was difficult to randomize and animate over one hundred unique people icons while explaining a  relatively new and difficult concept, however I think it turned out great.  Kudos to Alan Gaffere for the awesome Sound Design as believe it or not, sometimes I need a little help!

Lowes Fall

Tips for getting your home ready for Fall and the Holidays.  The most time consuming task was designing the house, two full days of Photoshopping so it could be as generic as possible.

Wayne Lewis



New Reel

It’s about time I did one. I haven’t cut a new reel since 2010 and Final Cut was the program of choice for Editors everywhere.  I went with Major Lazer for the music, because I like Major Lazer and I’m from the Caribbean... seems like a god fit. (yes, I know Major Laser is not a real person or from the Caribbean).